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                       TAXES AND PAYROLL SERVICES

Businesses are offered the option to bundle bookkeeping, taxes and payroll services! Monthly plans create peace of mid for your business. Thus, there is no more guessing on how many hours your company is likely to be charged each month. We also provide a free half hour consultation with our monthly clients.

Not a numbers person?  That's ok.  Every monthly client gets an easy to read and understand narrative with all financials.  The benefit is that you don't have to try to guess what all the numbers mean.

Because businesses have taxes to pay, often monthly or quarterly, we will ensure the tax reports are done on time and electronically submitted.  You won't have to worry about every paying a late fee due to a late fee.

With employees and contractors you have wages to pay.  Let us help you with that too. We can  offer direct deposit, paystubs emailed to your workers, and more.

FREE CONSULTATIONS - We offer a free initial consultation to all new clients.  Our 30 minute conversation is an opportunity to get familiar with you and your situation.

Any addition consultations or financial advice is at our standard rates.  This is discounted if you are an existing client.

Business Valuations

If you need to find out the valuation of your business we offer plans that examine the tax returns, balance sheets, profit & loss and more.  These plans help you make the best decision to either sell or purchase a business. Prices begin at $2,000.


Whether you already know QBs and just need some clarification or you need to know the basics, our training services are tailored made to suit your needs.

Training is provided at an hourly rate with personal attention.  We come to your home or business.



We provide tax preparation for both individuals and small businesses.  However, we go beyond preparation. As tax practitioners we pride ourselves on staying current with IRS and State tax laws and regulations.

It is important to us that you are as educated about your tax situation as we are, which is why we take the time to personally review your situation.  

To help manage your tax situation we offer advice on how to be in the best tax balance possible.

Our tax consultants help our clients make the best of their complex situations.  That may mean suggesting how to avoid such difficult situations as having a tax liability.


When you are in need of some sound advice, our Consultants are ready to help. Whether you have concerns about how to create your business entity, keep your business organized, avoid tax liabilities, where to invest, or other related topics, we listen.

Some of our senior staff are former Financial Planners, Insurance Agents, and Consultants. We are qualified to offer our assistance.  


BFMS, Inc. has been providing Financial LIteracy classes for the past 3 years.  Originally partnered with the Murphy Group in Denver, Financial Literacy classes have been held at Colorado Free University, Futures Academy, Aurora Youth Options, and a variety of organizations.

These classes are usually 1 to 5 days long and sessions are 4 to 6 hours.  The ideal market is geared to our youths.  Those who are leaving high school or have entered college, ages 17-25 make the best candidates for these classes.

The classes focus on learning how to keep a budget, understanding credit, how to avoid debt, deciphering insurance, finding ways to save, understanding the proper use of emergency funds, and more.  It is our contention that when young people learn early about how to handle money, they are less likely to be victimized by establishments like pawn shops and payday loan stores.

Also, we believe that those with more financial knowledge are more likely to live more productive and prosperous lives.